Two Website Must Haves for Any Business

Most of the businesses concentrate their efforts into getting a cool website according to the way they imagine things work. It is a common thing for the website owners to be influenced by their desire to sell or promote themselves better missing probably the most important aspect of all, they do not sell to themselves but to others. Therefore seeing things from the user perspective can be quite difficult and requires a lot of effort and knowledge.

This is why we work on testing and improving user experience on websites and web-shops.

Today we will not provide you will a full list of things websites owners should consider but just two.

Most important factors today are website mobility, portability and speed.

Mobile usage has increased a lot and therefore the mobile users have to have all the necessary tools and features to play with. Your website needs to adapt to those users as they represent probably the most active community on internet. If your website comes from another age and doesn’t provide mobile friendly layout and feature, well then it will be easily slipped away by the visitors. A website without responsive design which can adapt the layout and content based on the screen size of the viewer, it is a lost case. There is no optional for you here but a must.

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