01. Information about the company
    What is your company called? *
    What is its main activity? *
    e.g.: key products.
    What kind of company are you?
    e.g.: small / medium / big / start-up.
    About the company:
    e.g.: brief history, business model.
    Who are your main competitors?
    e.g.: some relevant examples.
    Why would consumers choose your company?
    Cite the competitive advantages of your company as well as its weaknesses.
    What are the short and long term objectives of your company?
    02. Information about the brand
    About the brand:
    Short description.
    About the project:
    Briefly describe the project / the problem that is in need of a solution.
    What is the global purpose of the new brand?
    e.g.: notoriety, sales, etc.
    Similar brand:
    Naming / description and link.
    03. Information about the audience/target
    What is the profile of your consumers?
    e.g.: women and men, over 35 years
    Why would potential customers choose your product?
    e.g.: lower price / higher quality / long history on the market, etc.
    04. Aesthetic preferences
    Positive examples:
    Packaging examples you like. Why?
    Negative examples:
    Packaging examples you do not like. Why?
    Preferences regarding use of colors.
    Visual style:
    Cite a maximum of 5 attributes that the packaging needs to have. E.g.: clean / airy / modern.
    Are there any existing elements?
    Are there any existing graphic elements to be used?
    05. Contact
    Contact person: *
    Information regarding the person we will keep in touch with during this project.