November 8, 2013 nortm14

Online Consultancy for SEO, Online Marketing, Google Ads

Examples of online consultancy packages structure for digital marketing, search engine optimization or AdWords can be found below. We can of course personalize the course structure to perfectly suit your needs. The meetings are to be held Online, one on one with the student.

1. Online marketing fundamentals – Online Marketing Kurs

• Why online marketing
• Principal online advertising Channels
• Social Media Marketing
• Online Media Power
• Search Engines Traffic Funnel

2. Search Engine Optimization Basics – SEO kurs – online course for search engine optimisation

• Getting Organic Search Traffic
• Aiming 1st page rankings
• On site optimization from a to z basics
• Off-site optimization from a to z basics
• Interpreting of different SEO factors and metrics.

3. Google Analytics Introduction Session – Google Analytics Kurs – online

• Analytics Website Integration
• Measuring your website performance
• Google Analytics metrics and filters
• Traffic advance analysis and interpretations
• Learning to measure your sales performances with Google Analytics

4. Google AdWords Introduction Session – AdWords Kurs Online – Course ads

• Learn to write appealing and optimized ads
• Search, Display and YouTube Video Ads
• Optimize your PPC campaigns
• Monitoring your campaigns and conversions

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