01. Information about the company
    What is your company called? *
    What is its main activity? *
    e.g.: key products.
    What kind of company are you?
    e.g.: small / medium / big / start-up.
    What industry is your business a part of?
    Please be specific and detailed: some businesses cover a large range of products and services, while others concentrate on a few main areas.
    e.g.: flowers for wedding vs. wedding planning
    What are the web properties to be optimized?
    e.g.: websites, social media pages, apps, online brand.
    Who are your main competitors?
    e.g.: brands / names + web properties.
    Why would consumers choose your company?
    cite the competitive advantages of your company as well as its weaknesses.
    Do you generate leads or conversions online?
    if so, please cite the mediums of leads and conversions generation.
    02. Digital Marketing Objectives
    Primary objective: what should the main focus of the digital marketing campaign be?
    e.g.: Increase brand awareness / increase ROI / increase conversions / generate leads / generate online buzz / achieve viral awareness
    Secondary objectives: what parts of the digital marketing strategy should the focus be set on?
    choose one or multiple
    What are the social channels where you are present / active?
    e.g.: Facebook with a Facebook page / Facebook Ads, Linkedin with a company profile / in discussions, forums etc.
    What are the social channels where you want to improve the communication?
    e.g.: Facebook pages, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
    What business benefits should the social media bring?
    What are, in your vision, the best ways to achieve higher ROI / leads / conversions rate?
    e.g.: We need to get our brand more known and appreciated in order to earn the customers’ trust / We need to generate more leads via email and social marketing etc.
    03. Information about the audience/target
    What is the profile of your consumers? who is your target market?
    e.g.: women and men, over 35 years; women aged 30-60;
    Why would potential customers choose your product or service?
    e.g.: lower price / higher quality / long history on the market, brand trust etc.
    What are the target countries, regions or cities?
    e.g.: Sweden, Stockholm, northern Europe etc.
    04. Budget/time
    what is your total monthly budget for the digital marketing strategy?
    10500 euros; 9000 euros for online advertising and 2000 euros for website/UX optimization
    for what period of time would you invest in a digital marketing strategy?
    e.g.: at least one year / indefinitely / until we achieve our target objective.
    05. Contact
    Contact person: *
    Information regarding the person we will keep in touch with during this project.

    Drop us a line!